Beautiful Whale Book Preview

Beautiful Whale, marks the release of Bryant Austin's first photography book, released in April, 2013.  Published by Abrams, this 124 page, 12 x 15 inch coffee table book features a forward by Dr. Sylvia Earle, as well as numerous photographs of a whale's eye at 1:1 scale. The book also features full-body photo mosaics reproduced at 1:6 scale that are featured as multiple gate folds up to five feet in width.


A strange sensation came over me – a feeling that I could actually touch the whale, caress its sculptural hulking body and take in all its finer details. It is a true palpable experience that moved me nearly to tears.

--Uko Gorter, Natural History Illustrator
From the American Cetacean Society's Quarterly Newsletter Spyhopper

The results are sublime. Each fin, each ridge in the skin, seems worth pondering.

--Alexis C. Madrigal, The Atlantic

As they flit past—sometimes closer, sometimes further—you can't help thinking, with every passing page, that this is what's it's like to swim with the whales.

--The Wall Street Journal